The Wisteria Festival is held in mid-to-late April, the best time to see the flowers in bloom, every year.

The venue, Kajimoto-san’s residence, is located along the Kumano Kaido (road), a well-known historic route for pilgrimages to Kumano Grand Shrines.

【Train】approx. 30-min. ride
Take the JR Airport Line at Kansai Airport Station, and change to the JR Hanwa Line and take a train bound for Wakayama at Hineno Station.

Get off the train at Izumi-Sunagawa Station, and walk for 8 minutes to the venue of the Wisteria Festival.

【Car】 approx. 20-min. ride
During the Festival, visitors can use the parking of Chokei-ji Temple(長慶寺)free of charge. The venue of the Festival is just an 8-minute walk away from the temple.