(1) “Uni-voice” Text and Audio Tourist Guide: 案内文表示&音声読上げ観光案内アプリ

You can find an “Uni-voice“ tourist information plate at each of the main tourist spots in Sennan City, as shown in the photo below. It provides text and audio information in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, and Japanese.


s_UniVoice map

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Download and install the app into your smartphone beforehand; and it can scan the QR code on the plate, and display and read the text for the tourist guide without any WiFi connection.

Search for “Uni-voice” on “Apple Store” or “Google Play” to download the app.

The map below shows which tourist spot has the uni-voice information plate.


univoice_map_310131 (pdf.  approx. 2M)  ← Click this title to download.

(2) “泉南NAVI – Sennan NAVI,” GPS-based Travel App

A GPS-based AR Travel App for Sennan City
“Sennan NAVI” is a GPS-based AR Sennan City travel app.

sennan navi Eng 

Its English and Japanese versions are available. The app language depends on the language setting of your smartphone.

This shows the best 25 tourist spots of the City, including historical spots and gourmet restaurants, each with an access route from where you are, as well as recommended travel routes.


*AR: augmented reality
AR: 拡張現実

Search for the word “Sennan” on “Apple Store” or “Google Play” to download the app.

Sennan City Office Website “Sennan NAVI, ” a Sennan City Travel App.” ←Click