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泉南市では、新型コロナウイルスの影響により、過去3年間十分な活用が出来なかったりんくう南浜海水浴場(通称:タルイサザンビーチ)の有効活用を図り、SENNAN LONG PARK(泉南りんくう公園)と一体となった新たな総合的レクレーションゾーンの創出を目標に、関係諸機関との協議、検討を進めてまいりました。






【問合せ】泉南市成長戦略室プロモーション戦略課 ☎072-447-8811


Sennan City Government had multiple discussions with relevant organizations, in order to make the best use of Rinku Minamihama Kaisui Yokujo (Tarui Southern Beach), which had been underutilized due to the COVID-19 pandemic for the past three years, and furthermore to create a new comprehensive recreation zone to integrate the Beach with adjacent SENNAN LONG PARK. 

Post-COVID-19 economic recovery is now underway, and thus a significant increase in human flow is expected.  In such circumstances, we consider it necessary to create a recreation zone that matches diversified current recreational preferences as well as fulfils the needs of efficient safety measures fitting the “new normal” society, and moreover to produce a scheme to make it sustainable.  

From this standpoint, we long discussed this issue and finally made a conclusion that it was necessary to take more time to deliberate it. Thus, we have decided not to open Tarui Southern Beach for swimming in summer of 2023.

We are determined to further deliberate on how we should make use of the Beach to draw out its appeal for the next year. 

We would highly appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation on this matter.

You are requested not to bathe or swim in the sea by Tarui Southern Beach this year, because there will be neither lifeguards on duty nor any other safety measures working to prevent water accidents there. 

If you are confronted with a water accident, please call 119 (emergency call for the fire department), and if you see a dangerous conduct or nuisance, call 110 (emergency call for the police).