A GPS-based AR Travel App for Sennan City

“Sennan NAVI” is a GPS-based AR Sennan City travel app.

Its English and Japanese versions are available.  The app language depends on the language setting of your smartphone. 

*To find more about Fuji-matsuri, the Wisteria Festival, click this link (Kajimoto’s noda-fuji).
To find how to access to the Festival venue, click the link.
泉南市の熊野街道信達宿の野田藤について詳しくは コチラを。

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This shows the best 25 tourist spots of the City, including historical spots and gourmet restaurants, each with an access route from where you are, as well as recommended travel routes and two tourism movies.

*AR: augmented reality
 AR: 拡張現実

For downloading the app.,  search with the word “Sennan” on  “Apple Store.” 

Sennan City Office Website “Sennan NAVI, ” a Sennan City Travel App.”  ←Click
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